Holistic Herbal Spa Therapy 


Thai Stem Massage    $90

-Incorporates the use of herbs which are anti-inflammatory and pain-relieving.

Relaxation Massage   $75

-Essential oils & massage techniques used to invigorate blood circulation & flow, to ease tension & relax the body & mind.


Indian Head Massage   

30 Minutes   $45

60 Minutes   $70

-Indian Head massage helps to improve focus and reduces fatigue, stress, tension migraines, backaches, neck and shoulder pain.


Natural Facial  90 Minutes    $ 95  { Includes a mini foot massage }

Express Facial 45 Minutes    $ 50 

Express Rejuvenator Facial Add On 20 Minutes $ 25.00 { Add it to any body treatment }

- A natural facial eliminates stress to your system caused from chemical products. It will brighten and moisturize dull and dry skin and smoothes out wrinkles. A natural facial massage will help with clearing of toxins and aides lymphatic drainage, adding luster to the skin from the inside out.


Body Wraps

Using handmade fresh ingredients put together right before your service. A 20 minute massage is included.

Chocolate Body Wrap   $125

-Purely for you. Envelop your senses with the luxury of organic cocoa while your body melts inches away.


Volcanic Ash Body Wrap $125

- Cleanse and detoxify the body with the warm volcanic ash clay mud. As it dries, the clay slowly draws impurities and oils out of the skin's inner layers. Applications of volcanic ash clay can reduce evidence of cellulite, imperfections, and large pores, and its soothing warmth can also help treat muscle pain.


Seaweed Body Wrap   $125

-Detoxifying properties of seaweed will help thebody remove toxins and built up minerals leaving the skin supple and hydrated.


+Add On+ Himalayan Salt Scrub   $20